Experiment *8 anthropomorphism

"I'm gellin' like jelly, wigglin' around.  Laughing at the diet she thinks is sound.  I'm never going away, so quit tryna lose that gut.  I'm just gonna gravitate to your butt," sings Fat.

"Please, please for the love of all things holy, could you shut up," Muscle cried.  "Not only are you blocking my view, but now you're getting on my nerves."

"I'm just trying to enjoy my day," Fat countered.  "Is it my fault this house we live in likes me better than you?"

"Yeah, that's exactly why she's trying another diet, 'cuz she sooo enamored with you."

"A diet that's doomed to fail like all the others.  You think I'm worried? Ha, I am infinite and practically indestructible.  I'm like...a God ." Fat wiggles happily.

"You wish," Muscle replied.

"I'm covering your ass up, aren't I?" Fat laughs wickedly.

"For now," Muscle said, flexing.  "You see what's over there?" .

Fat exaggerated a yawn.  "Where?"

"Over there. by the tv.  You know what those are?"

"Giant donuts?"

Muscle laughed.  "They're weights, moron."


"Those are for me.  To make me bigger and stronger.  If I were you I'd be a little, no a lot worried because the more she uses those the more enhanced I become.  And the more enhanced I get, the smaller you get."

"Never gonna happen," Fat stuttered, sounding nervous.

"Not jiggling too much now, though are you?" Muscles said.

"I...you...shut up!"


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