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You’d have to be blind or stupid not to realize that Unit 316 was no ordinary dog.  Unfortunately, the men at the J.I.M. were neither, and he was exactly what they’d been searching for.  In their quest to refute the commonly held contention that all species employ just ten percent of their brains, they scour the globe for any anomaly, any defect that might confirm their theory, gathering the abandoned, the unwanted, the unloved animals of the world and using them as test subjects; failing, time and time again.  Until they found the dog.  There was no questioning 316’s intelligence. One only need stare into those all too aware eyes to see the cognition, but he was... uncooperative.  316 was no fool.  He understood too well the hearts of men, knew the danger of exposing himself fully to them, and so he worked arduously to conceal the depths of his true self.  He knew his only chance for survival was to escape, for as long he was in their hands his days were quantifiable. But there was…

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Experiment #6 Slam Poetry


I was five years old when a classmate told me that if your butt wiggles when you walk
It means you’re pregnant
She said mine did, but I wasn’t.
So from that day forward I became a friend of the shadows.
I hid my parts. I lost my voice. . In silence, no one sees you. No one notices the flaws.
I escaped to the silent residential street behind the main drag where no one would see me and assume the worst. A child bearing a child was not possible. But that’s how a child’s mind thinks.
I braved the terror of walking with trepidation passed front lawns where big dogs with their incisors bared and hackles raised would charge at me behind their gated prisons.
But I was the one in chains.
Chains I bore in silence.
At eight, Melva Anderson sat by the pool and called to me as I walked by.
She noticed the wiggle.
I sat down, trying to become one with the concrete in an effort to shield myself from the spotlight that was bearing down u…

Escape Exp#5

His first mistake was the smile.  It spread wider across his face with every step, his legs crossing one another in an almost elegant fashion as he glided across the floor.  The stick he was wielding passing from hand to hand, he turned his head left, then right, took a step forward and laughed. That did it.  All the months of persecution, insecurity, and pain flashed through Canine Unit 316’s mind at once, and he reacted like a rabid dog, instinctive and feral.  Quick as a snake strike, he rushed forward and slammed his full body weight into the red coat’s gut.  Before the grunt escaped the man’s lungs, the dog was on him again, sinking his canines into the red coat’s ankle and dragging him to the floor.  The red coat struggled, twisting, kicking.  He clawed at the floor, desperately seeking something to hold on to.  Realizing the futility of his efforts, he turned and swung the baton at the dog’s head.  316 merely seized the weapon, and, without losing stride, ripped it from the red c…

EXP #4 If You Just Got To Know Me

 (This is actually part of a children's book I wrote.) When I was a kid, I didn’t fit in Being smart meant in school work I’d always win The kids called me smarty pants and Ms know it all At recess, no one would pass me the ball But if you just got to know me than maybe you’d see There’s not much difference between you and me I may be smart but I like to have fun too If you let me I’d like to be friends with you
When I was a kid, people thought I was dumb It’s just for me school work wasn’t much fun When I didn’t have the answers kids called me lame I’d rather be outside playing some really fun game But if you just got to know then maybe you’d see There’s not much difference between you and me  The way that I learn takes a little more time But that doesn’t mean something’s wrong with my mind
When I was a kid, I said funny words I couldn’t stop them from coming, they wanted to be heard At times when I’m scared they really fight to come out It’s harder to …


EXPERIMENT #4                        
                             PARENTING IS A BITCH, BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE People have kids for all kinds of reasons Whether planned, teen mistake, or some other seasons Most think it’s gonna be shit tons of fun Playing dress-up and the little one But too many parents in their brains fail to let sink The job of parenting is much harder than you think
If only young parents would take a little time I’m certain that all of them would surely find That parenting doesn’t come with a nice set of rules Yet eggs and sperms are given, even to fools Being a parent can truly be your trip to heaven But it’s also a job that requires your 24-7
For even an occasion when they nod off to sleep You’re on call til the tell you that it’s time to leap But just cuz the job can give you an itch There are various ways to avoid becoming a bitch It only takes a few things for this to commence Patience, love, tolerance and some common sense
When that damn brat is driving you mind numbing…