an attempt at a poem (Opposite of me)

I walked into the department store
Where my eyes devour treasures galore
I glance up to see where the cameras lay
Knowing if caught how dearly I would pay
The dress I wear is surely long enough
To conceal the magnitude of all the stuff
I plan to hide beneath it until there's none
I'm nervous, yes, but compelled by the fun
Of taking things that surely are not mine
Especially intricacies hard to find
My skin's a buzz, my hearts all a flutter
My mind reveals my house full of clutter
Containing things I want but do not need
But compelled to take them, coerced by greed

Experiment #12 The Dreaded Query

From: Delaren Siverson To: Jane Dough Subject: Query: “If You Just Got To Know Me” Dear Ms. Dough,              We met at the Santa Barbara Writer's Conference last summer, and you informed me that you were very interested in reading a book about children learning to get along.  If You Just Got To Know Me is my attempt at that endeavor. It’s tough being a kid.  But it’s even harder when you’re different and nobody understands why.If You Just Got To Know Me is a short 724 word, fully illustrated children’s book that deals with the struggles of being a kid.  From being teased for being a Mr. Know It All to never getting picked for a team because you have two left feet, If You Just Got To Know Me is a book for children who are considered different, children who, like all of us, want most of all to be understood and accepted. We are all 'other' in some way, but it is that otherness that gives life color; if only we would take the time to look beyond the superficial.  Because when w…

Experiment #11

Experiment #11
ACT ONE:Imma Wannabe is madly in love with Justin Credible but he won’t give her the time of day.Justin is not only the handsomest guy in town, he’s also very intelligent and therefore only dates girls who can stimulate his intellect as well as his libido. Imma is beautiful in every way, face, body, personality; she’s the total package.But Imma has one major flaw, one thing that keeps Justin at bay: Imma is day old dumb.We’re not talking about intellect here, though she’s lacking in that category as well.Imma has no brains at all.She’s foolish, gullible, easily manipulated…unwise.So much so that she doesn’t grasp the fact that the number of bills in your wallet is less important than the amounts on those bills.After all, isn’t two always more than one? Imma is determined to win Justin’s heart, but in order to do so she has to prove to him that she is wise as well as beautiful.Imma knows of a place called the Central Intelligence Agency and she is certain that if she were…

Writer's block

Writer's block is an awful thing, especially when it lasts for weeks and you have no idea how to get past it.  I am working on several projects right now and i'm really trying to focus on one at a time.  The problem is my writer's block encompasses every single one of them.  I open microsoft word, select a piece, and try to compose and either i write crap or i write nothing at all.  It sucks.

Experiment *8 anthropomorphism

"I'm gellin' like jelly, wigglin' around.  Laughing at the diet she thinks is sound.  I'm never going away, so quit tryna lose that gut.  I'm just gonna gravitate to your butt," sings Fat.

"Please, please for the love of all things holy, could you shut up," Muscle cried.  "Not only are you blocking my view, but now you're getting on my nerves."

"I'm just trying to enjoy my day," Fat countered.  "Is it my fault this house we live in likes me better than you?"

"Yeah, that's exactly why she's trying another diet, 'cuz she sooo enamored with you."

"A diet that's doomed to fail like all the others.  You think I'm worried? Ha, I am infinite and practically indestructible.  I'm like...a God ." Fat wiggles happily.

"You wish," Muscle replied.

"I'm covering your ass up, aren't I?" Fat laughs wickedly.

"For now," Muscle said, flexing.  &…

Experiment # 7 Meet Cute

ONE tennis court was thankfully open.  We grabbed our rackets and took opposites ends of the court.  This had always been our routine; any emotional drama was soothed by a chocolate indulgence immediately followed by a game of tennis.  Fallon and I were well matched.  Her amazing backhand rivaled my sharp-angled lefty serve perfectly.  Both of us had respectable forehands and good court coverage.  But where my long legs and speed helped me cover the court just a bit better, Fallon’s offense made that speed essential.          On court, we were highly competitive, but our relationship off court never was.  Even during our teen years when Fallon’s popularity could have hurt us, we were never rivals. She was a boy magnet, so on those rare occasions when I’d bring a date home and his affections would shift her way, no one was surprised.        But Fallon would never steal a boy from me.  She loved me too much for that and felt that any boy who could be that callous was not worthy of either …

Would this Query make you want to read the book? Ah!!!

You’d have to be blind or stupid not to realize that Unit 316 was no ordinary dog.  Unfortunately, the men at the J.I.M. were neither, and he was exactly what they’d been searching for.  In their quest to refute the commonly held contention that all species employ just ten percent of their brains, they scour the globe for any anomaly, any defect that might confirm their theory, gathering the abandoned, the unwanted, the unloved animals of the world and using them as test subjects; failing, time and time again.  Until they found the dog.  There was no questioning 316’s intelligence. One only need stare into those all too aware eyes to see the cognition, but he was... uncooperative.  316 was no fool.  He understood too well the hearts of men, knew the danger of exposing himself fully to them, and so he worked arduously to conceal the depths of his true self.  He knew his only chance for survival was to escape, for as long he was in their hands his days were quantifiable. But there was…