Would this Query make you want to read the book? Ah!!!

You’d have to be blind or stupid not to realize that Unit 316 was no ordinary dog.  Unfortunately, the men at the J.I.M. were neither, and he was exactly what they’d been searching for.  In their quest to refute the commonly held contention that all species employ just ten percent of their brains, they scour the globe for any anomaly, any defect that might confirm their theory, gathering the abandoned, the unwanted, the unloved animals of the world and using them as test subjects; failing, time and time again.  Until they found the dog.  There was no questioning 316’s intelligence. One only need stare into those all too aware eyes to see the cognition, but he was... uncooperative. 
316 was no fool.  He understood too well the hearts of men, knew the danger of exposing himself fully to them, and so he worked arduously to conceal the depths of his true self.  He knew his only chance for survival was to escape, for as long he was in their hands his days were quantifiable. But there was no way out.  Until one day an unexpected ally renders his assistance, and 316 is free.
At a park, he finds a friend, Brooklyn Darling.  He can feel her pain, hear the cries of her heart, and is overcome by a desire to see her smile.  His ability to connect with her to such a degree stems from another secret, one he’d never let the scientist discover; he can not only understand human speech, he can also hear the silent speech inside their heads.  He can feel what they feel, and he can in some instances manipulate those feelings.  Meeting Brooklyn, he can’t quite understand why the man in her thoughts has left her so emotionally replete.  What’s the deal with humans and feelings?  A nice juicy bone and a good scratch behind the ears and life is golden.  But not for Brooklyn. 

Together, they form a bond deeper than either of them could have imagined and with Brooklyn 316 learns to love and trust in humanity again.  He wants to stay with her, but he knows the men at the J.I.M. are searching for him and as long as they do Brooklyn is not safe.  He needs to tell her but has no means of communicating with her.  But then a chance encounter with her high school crush changes everything when 316 discovers Scott can hear his thoughts, feel his feelings.  And now, searching for a way to share that connections with Brooklyn while simultaneously trying to remain one step ahead of the entities pursuing them , they set out on a journey that they hope will not only keep 316 safe but will also stop the men at the J.I.M  from ever harming another creature. 


  1. It's very intriguing... A query letter should also include a blurb that delivers the book's title and word count, as well as a bit of information about yourself. Keep it up!

    1. it does. I left all that out on purpose. I just wanted to see if this query sounded interesting. I'm seriously struggling with it because it both a romance story and a bit of sci fi. I don't know where to go with it.


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